GT makes it easy to target your voters with the message that will best motivate them to cast a ballot and increase turnout.

GTIA is a robust, state of the art, web-enabled voter file database. The hub of all your campaign data, fully integrated, easy to use and accessible from anywhere. Your link between strategy and voters, manage, enhance and leverage your data with GTIA.

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Voter Turnout

Blaise Hazelwood has literally written the book on voter turnout. Her involvement in the 72 Hour Task Force revolutionized how the GOP turned out voters for victory.

Technology streamlines processes, but nothing can replace tried and true methods for effective GOTV.

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Tip #201: Multi-Picture Instagram Ads

Instagram took a risk earlier this month by introducing a feature to advertisers that is not available to users – multi-picture “stories” known as carousel ads.

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Targeting the Right Person with the Right Message

Microtargeting - Targeting the Right Person with the Right Message Offline

Grassroots Targeting has been helping Republicans, and other public affairs professionals, target the right person with the right message since 2005. Our cutting edge tools help find non-traditional GOP supporters and help turn them out for victory. Our data, which is developed using our proprietary microtargeting methodology, ensures that you are spending money on targets with the highest rate of return. Couple that with our custom online microtargeting database software (GTIA) and you have full control of, and access to, your data 24/7. More.

Digital Branding - Targeting the Right Person with the Right Message Online

Grassroots Targeting boasts extensive experience in online activism through effective digital branding and social engagement. We've built custom websites based on the needs of our clients, whether it is custom video galleries, grassroots action centers, voter registration drives or a simple blog to help the client tell their story best.

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